As 2020 has proven, we must always be ready for change. To ensure we can adapt to the next challenge, Horizon BCBSNJ is seeking to transform so we can better serve our members and New Jersey’s communities. Learn about our plans to modernize to a not-for-profit mutual.

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Through every challenge and crisis, in good times and bad, being there for our members has always been our highest priority. Evolving our company structure would allow Horizon BCBSNJ to be more responsive to our members’ changing needs – especially as they continue to deal with the impact of COVID-19 – and give us more opportunities to provide health care affordability, simplicity and quality.

Modernizing would unlock opportunities:

More connected and convenient care

Tools for health care professionals to better coordinate care and improve quality

Better access for mental and behavioral health

Programs for underserved communities

Expanded offerings to New Jersey’s senior population


We’re proud of our nearly 90-year history in New Jersey – employing 5,000+ residents and serving 3.6+ million members – and want to continue to improve the health of both our residents and our local economy. Modernizing would help us do both.

According to third-party analysis from EConsult Solutions Inc., a not-for-profit mutual could mean increased economic output from new opportunities and services for our members:

$4.16 billion in increased economic output over the next 10 years

$62 million in expanded State tax revenue resulting from increased operating activity


Health care is changing and to keep pace, we must evolve with it. To continue to help the people of New Jersey achieve their best health, we must be able to quickly adapt to changes like:

Emerging Health Concerns

The pandemic has increased the urgency in which all health care organizations must rethink their approach to care. Greater flexibility, innovative approaches and increased investments will be critical to successfully help our members deal with challenges like:

Impact of COVID-19
Social determinants of health
Substance use disorder
Mental and behavioral health

Rising Costs

Health care expenses have increased faster than paychecks.

This modernization would enable us to deliver more of what members want:

Access to high-quality care
More connected care
More affordable, convenient care

Data Expansion

Greater access to data insights gives doctors a holistic picture of patient health, helping to reduce chronic diseases and rein in health care costs. We have led the way with many of our provider data tools. Modernization can help us provide more data to support:

Population health
Personalized medicine
Advanced analytics


In order to modernize Horizon BCBSNJ's structure so we can continue being there for our members, New Jersey's laws require an update.

Horizon is pursuing legislation that amends the laws currently governing our company. This technical change will unlock a more modern structure as a not-for-profit mutual, while retaining our mission and health care obligations.

Importantly, this new law will strengthen the guarantee that Horizon remains forever a not-for-profit that exists for the benefit of its members. This change means that Horizon cannot be sold or change to become a for-profit company that is owned by shareholders or investors. Horizon’s commitment to remain a not-for-profit, mission-oriented company that serves only the interests of our members is unwavering.

As part of this modernization effort, the new law would create a process for the company to apply to the Department of Banking and Insurance (DOBI) to reorganize into a not-for-profit mutual structure.

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