We're evolving to better serve our members

Horizon BCBSNJ needs to become a not-for-profit mutual.

Members' needs and expectations are changing. In order to find new, innovative ways to empower them to achieve their best health, we must continue working to make the future of health care happen. Today, that means modernizing our corporate structure.

Keeping the focus on our members

Our members remain our number one priority. We are proud of our 87-year history, employing more than 5,000+ New Jersey residents and serving more than 3.4 million members. Through a not-for-profit mutual holding company, we will be more responsive to our members’ changing needs and empower them to achieve their best health.

Evolving in this way will give Horizon BCBSNJ greater strategic and operational flexibility to give our members access to new technologies and innovations that will improve health care quality, cost and convenience.

Where this modernization can lead:

More high-quality, connected care for our members, with lower costs and less confusion

Improved tools and services for health care professionals to further improve affordability and quality of care for our members

Additional products and services for our members

Programs for underserved populations

Expanded offerings to New Jersey’s senior population

Benefits to the State

As an anchor institution in New Jersey, we want to improve the health of our State's economy as well as its residents. Modernizing our corporate structure will give us the flexibility to make investments on behalf of our members that also strengthen the New Jersey economy – making our home State a more attractive place to live and work.

According to third-party analysis from EConsult Solutions Inc., investments spurred by a new corporate structure are expected to provide New Jersey with the following additional benefits, compared to our current structure:

in increased economic output over the next 10 years

in expanded State tax revenue resulting from increased operating activity

Approximately 2,000 more full-time jobs over the next 10 years


We're evolving to meet our members' expectations in today's ever-changing health care landscape.

Data is everywhere.

We see it not only in the adoption of electronic health records for individuals, but in the use of analytics to drive population health and clinical advancements.

There are also new sources of data:

Population Health
Personalized medicine
Advanced Analytics

Digital continues to grow.

Consumers want their experiences with health care to mirror the convenience and ease of digital interactions with other industries, such as shopping and entertainment.


of all interactions with health care facilities are estimated to be via mobile devices


health apps exist for use on mobile

Consumers are in charge.

In an age of internet-informed consumerism, our members also know how to ask tough questions, compare costs and share opinions.

For health-related information, consumers are turning to:

The Internet


Their Doctors


Consumers' health care expenses have increased faster than their paychecks. Modernizing our corporate structure will enable us to deliver more of what members are looking for: access to high-quality health care options that provide more connected care at a lower cost with less confusion.


Modernizing Horizon BCBSNJ's structure means updating New Jersey's laws to allow for a not-for-profit mutual – a model that will better position Horizon to deliver the best service to our members right here in New Jersey.

For 87 years, we’ve made the future of health care happen. This is the next step of our evolution. However, as we look to modernize, two things are certain: our commitment to our members, and our commitment to being a mission-driven, not-for-profit organization.

As our company pursues this new structure, we want to keep you informed. Please follow us on social media and come back to this website for additional information and updates.