Horizon BCBSNJ is seeking to transform into a modern not-for-profit mutual that would benefit our members, the communities we serve and New Jersey as a whole.

See how.


This evolution would allow Horizon BCBSNJ to be more responsive to our members’ changing needs and provide access to new technologies and innovations that improve health care quality, cost and convenience.

Modernizing would provide:

More connected and convenient care

Tools for health care professionals to better coordinate care and improve quality

New products and services

Programs for underserved populations

Expanded offerings to New Jersey’s senior population

Benefits to the State

We’re proud of our 88-year history in New Jersey – employing 5,000+ residents and serving 3.4+ million members – and want to continue to improve the health of our State's economy as well as its residents. Modernizing our structure would help us do both.

According to third-party analysis from EConsult Solutions Inc., a not-for-profit mutual would provide New Jersey with:

$4.16 billion in increased economic output over the next 10 years

$62 million in expanded State tax revenue resulting from increased operating activity

Approximately 2,000 more full-time jobs over the next 10 years


Health care is changing and to keep pace, we must evolve with it. To drive the future of health care forward in New Jersey, we must be able to quickly adapt to trends like:

Data Expansion

From electronic health records to analytics that drive clinical advancements, data is everywhere. New sources of data include:

Population Health
Personalized medicine
Advanced Analytics

Digital Transformation

Consumers want their health care experience to be more convenient and connected through digital devices:


of interactions with health care facilities are estimated to be via mobile devices


mobile health apps exist

Rising Costs

Health care expenses have increased faster than paychecks.

This modernization would enable us to deliver more of what members want:

Access to high-quality care
More connected care
Lower costs with less confusion


In order to modernize Horizon BCBSNJ's structure, New Jersey's laws require an update.

To do this, Horizon is pursuing legislation that creates a process for the company to apply to the Department of Banking and Insurance (DOBI) to become a not-for-profit mutual holding company. We are working with key leaders in the State to explore how best to achieve this goal. Ultimately, the DOBI must approve or decline Horizon BCBSNJ’s application for an organizational change to a not-for-profit mutual company.

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